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Rectangle Aluminium Foil Container Mould

3. Main Features

1. Moulds are made by high quality steel which ensure mould has a long using life.

2. Moulds adopts pneumatic rebound device which makes the mould more flexible.

3.We can print customer's preferred logos upon request.

4.Consummate quality system, smooth wall container, multi-cavity container, various rims and multi- compartment.

5.Advanced assistant designing system(PRE/ CAD/ CAE/ CAM) in the mould designing.

6.Vacuum heat treatment. The mould adopts aeroelasticity resillience device, stable quality, high precision and reasonable design.

4. CHOCTAEK Aluminium Foil Container Making Mould Workshop

Till June, 2021, We designed 3 kinds of aluminum foil production lines: C700, C1000, C1300;

Developed and produced more than 2000 sets of aluminum foil container moulds which are in different sizes and shapes.

CHOCTAEK Showing Room:

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